GPT for Legal: Essentials for Effective Prompt Engineering

Pramata Chief Technology Officer Pedram Abrari and TravelPerk Legal Director Tom Rice lead this webinar explaining how to successfully approach prompt engineering in legal use cases. They’ll establish a baseline understanding of the technology and how it works, introduce prompts from concepts to practical examples, and explain what legal teams need to think about when they are designing and engineering prompts to get the best results.

The Future of CLM: Realizing the Full Strategic Value of a CLM Solution

Watch Pramata CRO and Guest speaker Alla Valente, Senior Analyst at Forrester, as they present the findings of a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Pramata. They’ll cover peer insights on the challenges and opportunities of CLM and how to make the case at a time when budgets are being scrutinized.

Redline Contracts Like a Jedi Master

Redline Contracts Like A Jedi Master

Learn commercial contract negotiation and redlining skills that are fundamental to success and key to overcoming obstacles when you’re negotiating with an attorney representing the party with more leverage and resources.

Best Practices for Improving SaaS Order Forms & SOWs

Best Practices for Improving SaaS Order Forms and Statements of Work

Ready to make your order documents the envy of the opposing counsel? Legal is most often negotiating legal terms in master agreements, but there is tremendous value to be unlocked when in-house counsel can contribute to the structure of Order Forms and Statements of Work (SOWs).

Navigating SLAs for In-House Counsel

Navigating Service Level Agreements For In-House Counsel

In order to successfully negotiate SLAs, in-house counsel must understand what an SLA is, what are standard protections/remedies offered by SLAs, and what are the areas where vendors are likely to improve their SLA or stand firm.

Getting Buy In for Contract Management webinar

Making The Case For Contract Management: How To Get Business Buy-In

Watch how to make the business case for contract management to get buy-in at your organization. You’ll learn how to align your “why” with the motivations other stakeholders care most about, other team benefits, how to calculate ROI specific to your business, and more.

Navigating Indemnification for In-House Counsel

Navigating Indemnification For In-House Counsel

Indemnification is one of the most highly negotiated provisions in any commercial contract. Getting it right is essential for in-house counsel to fairly allocate the risk between the parties and protect your organization’s interests.