A Forrester CONSULTING study, commissioned by Pramata

Are You Maximizing The Strategic Value Of Your Contracts?

In today’s uncertain economic climate, businesses are reining in technology budgets and reducing headcount, requiring legal departments to do a lot more with a lot less. 

In-house counsel teams need Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) solutions that go beyond contract creation and efficiencies. They want to accelerate and maximize contract values with tools that drive critical procurement, sales, and finance goals. 

To gain a deeper understanding of what decision makers require from CLM solutions, this study addresses key contract management capability and process questions, like:

  • What are the critical contract management goals for in-house counsel teams?
  • How are businesses currently approaching technology investments – and is there a greater scrutiny placed on Contract Management technology budgets?
  • Which CLM capabilities are in-house counsel teams not satisfied with from their current solution and what do they really need?
  • What benefits will help the broader organization realize the strategic value of a CLM solution

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Maximizing value of contracts Forrester study

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