5 Ways Pramata’s Customer Success Team Makes it Radically Simple to Get Up and Running

A surprising number of tech implementations fail. Whatever the reason, it’s rare for customers to report a truly positive and uneventful implementation experience. Rare, that is, unless you have the Pramata platform. Nick Schultz, Pramata Customer Success Manager shares 5 ways Pramata makes it radically simple to get up and running fast!

If you’ve ever been part of a technology implementation that wasn’t what you’d call “smooth” or “easy” you’re not alone. A surprising number of tech implementations fail. Whether that’s failing to deliver ROI, failing to gain internal adoption, or dragging on so long that people just give up on the implementation altogether. Whatever the reason, it’s rare for customers to report a truly positive and uneventful implementation experience. 

Rare, that is, unless you have the Pramata platform. 

“The sales and onboarding process was seamless! What we were sold was reality when getting into the platform. The implementation team worked hard to get us up and running much faster than their original timeline quoted.”

G2 Review

“I found the implementation process to be the smoothest I’ve experienced so far. The Pramata team is very organized and available for all our queries.”

G2 Review

“Between the technology, the way it makes uploading and reporting so easy, and the team of hard-working and responsive partners we have at Pramata, we’re very happy with our choice.”

Stacy Passino, Contracts Administrator, Catholic Health System

“Outside of my team, in the larger organization, it’s been a great experience. No one questions why we have Pramata. People see the value every time they have a “quick question” right before a big meeting and I can actually give them the answer.” –

Mike Pappas, General Counsel, Foodsmart

Customer experiences like these fuel the customer success team and reassure us that we must be doing something different – and right.

We pride ourselves on providing a radically simple solution to your contract management needs, so here are five ways we stand out from other vendors by doing just that:

1. A dedicated customer success manager (really!) 

Some tech platforms only provide a dedicated customer success manager to their largest customers, or those who pay extra for this perk. Not the case with Pramata. Every customer, regardless of your project size, works with a customer success manager to drive your journey through implementation and beyond. 

With Pramata, you’ll always have a real, live, human you can reach out to with questions, requests, and even to just see if you’re using the platform to the fullest. 

2. A tried and true, transparent, onboarding process

This isn’t our first rodeo. We’ve been in the contract management space for over 15 years, with many successful implementations under our belt. Which has allowed us to perfect the art of getting customers up and running on the Pramata platform with the fastest time to value delivery. A typical onboarding timeline with Pramata is only 30-90 days, which is downright speedy in comparison to most CLM implementations!

Once you’ve met your customer success manager, you’ll be invited to your personal online project onboarding space, where you’ll find a roadmap of everything that needs to happen to achieve the state of contract nirvana you were looking for when you chose Pramata.

Within this space are the milestones, deliverables, and communication channel between each member of your team and your Pramata support team. After an initial kickoff call, we’ll determine the right cadence for check-ins to make sure your onboarding stays on track. 

Lighthouse goals

One area where we’re uniquely ahead of the curve is in our identification of “lighthouse goals” at the start of your project. Before we move any further, we work with each customer to identify the one goal that is most important to realizing business value with the Pramata platform. 

Examples have included: 

  • Our contracting process needs to scale to accommodate growth as a team of one.
  • We need to reduce manual processes, consolidate and streamline workflows, formalize the approval process, and increase visibility into the contracting process/status.” 
  • Our deal desk needs the ability to easily reference earlier executed customer contracts and to understand terms, citations, location within the contract, chronology of contract dates, etc. 

While other vendors may chase the shiny object of each moment and lose sight of the big picture during implementation, we keep our eyes on the guiding light. 

Of course, we’re flexible and can adapt to changes in your business goals during the course of the project. But most of the time, the lighthouse goal identified at the beginning, is what brought you in to find a solution and what will deliver the most ROI to your organization.

3. A team of humans that learn your business 

As we progress through the onboarding process, our team takes the time to really get to know your business and your contracts. We delve into the way you use “standard” terms, that might differ from how other companies use them. Some of our customers have even remarked that we understand their business better than they do!

We know there’s no cookie cutter model for how contracts look, so we make sure the Pramata platform is configured to capture information from your historic contracts in a way that makes sense, and most of all is actionable, for your business. And yes, while we do use very sophisticated AI, it’s driven by a team of human contract experts (lawyers and contract specialists) who ensure the AI is doing its job without requiring you to add more resourcing.

4. Collaborative quality assurance

“Data validation” may sound like one of those tech terms that makes your eyes glaze over, but all it means is that we’re making sure the Pramata platform is doing what it’s supposed to be doing and the quality of your contract data is top notch. This is a critical step to ensuring reliability, accuracy and getting to a clean data set that allows features like our Generative AI to assist at an extremely high-level. 

This collaborative process starts with digitizing just a small number of contracts and running an analysis on the output. Then we go through and validate. Did it pull the right contract effective dates? Does your business define “contract effective date” as the signature date, or is there another milestone to hit before the contract takes effect? Did it calculate the renewal dates in advance of the notification period, and according to the many variables included in each of your contracts? We look at each detail of what the system should be capturing and make sure it’s doing it correctly. 

This data validation and quality assurance is by no means a “one and done” setup. As part of the heavy lifting provided, we continually train our data models with every new contract that is uploaded to the platform, allowing us to assure 99%+ data accuracy for our customers.  

5. An intuitive interface that doesn’t require tons of training (but we’ve got it if you want it) 

Pramata’s user interface is radically simple and intuitive. Most users pick it up quickly without much training, and those using Salesforce have access without even leaving CRM. Moreover, it’s part of the Pramata implementation that we set up your document structure and parent/child hierarchies in a way that makes sense so you don’t have to. All you have to do is upload documents. It’s that simple. 

At the same time, we know not everyone learns the same way, so we provide ample training opportunities if you want them. Whether you want us to train your trainers or orient your end-users, we can do it (and it doesn’t cost extra, either).

Achieve contract nirvana with the radically simple solution

The Pramata platform is a radically simple alternative to complex CLMs that works great for legal teams of all sizes. Part of what makes it so easy to get up and running is the role our customer success team plays in the process. If you’re ready to see how you can go from contract chaos to contract nirvana, check out a Pramata demo today.

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