Industry: Manufacturing


“Pramata has enabled our internal clients to proactively manage contractual relationships, which allows our legal team to focus on more strategic, value-added opportunities.”

Brian Lynch, Senior Vice President and General Counsel

Executive Summary

Years of ad-hoc data entry created a challenge of missing information and inaccessibility that extended across the global organization. For Callaway Golf’s legal department, a lack of centralization and broad accessibility meant the team became over-utilized for locating and verifying contract data points—and as a result, under-utilized for more strategic operational efforts. For sales, a lack of full and timely visibility into complex agreement terms left no way to proactively monitor the renewal and expiration dates across thousands of agreements.

With Pramata, Callaway Golf found a solution to help create a single, centralized source of truth that ensures the highest quality data. This trusted security configuration enables appropriate user viewing of need-to-know contracts intelligence—lifting the burden of information trafficking off of legal while providing secure, self-service access to those who need it across the enterprise.

     ✓  Improved contract “ownership” and rationalization

     ✓  Made financial reporting for SEC filings easier and more seamless

     ✓  Aided in business continuity

     ✓  Significantly improved legal department efficiency

     ✓  Renewal compliance across contract portfolio was improved



  • Previous system riddled with missing documentation and incongruent data entry

  • No way to proactively monitor renewal and expiration dates across thousands of agreements

  • Compliance reporting overly manual and ad-hoc

  • Many business areas lack access to key agreement information  

  • Legal department over-utilized for non-strategic data searches


Solution Benefits

  • Security configuration ensures appropriate user viewing of need-to-know contracts intelligence

  • Accurate expiration date alerts cue sales interactions and enhance compliance process

  • Expanded secure, self-service access to key contracts data

  • Single, centralized source of truth that ensures high quality data

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