Industry: Health Data Analytics

Pramata changed the playing field by making customer information more accessible. By using Pramata, our company can better understand our customers.”
— Vice President of Sales Operations

Executive Summary

Acquisitions happen every day, but integrating the people, processes and customers from all companies involved can take months of planning, evaluating systems and aligning cultures. For one large healthcare technology leader, this transition brought a complex data challenge of contract commitments and details, interrelated and frequently changing, spread across multiple systems that stymied sales effectiveness.

After taking a step back to examine the broad organizational impacts of inaccessible, incomplete customer information, the company selected Pramata to bridge data gaps and solidify revenue operations as one entity. The implicit value of having secure, easy access to complete and accurate commercial relationship data showed itself in efficiency and productivity gains across the enterprise.

  • Reduced sales time spent looking for contract data by 80%
  • Improved account planning and responsiveness to customer needs
  • Streamlined account transfer and new hire process
  • Accelerated company divestiture and subsequent sale


  • Multiple contact points for a single customer required lots of ad hoc research
  • Account managers wasted active selling time trying to locate customer data for upsells and renewals
  • Legal team “war rooms” happening too frequently to gather contract insight
  • Limited and unreliable contract data in Salesforce
  • No ability to report across contract details

Solution Benefits

  •  Integrated critical commercial relationship data with Salesforce environment
  • Enabled cross-functional visibility via dynamic reporting across 125+ key terms 
  • High level of customer service and reporting flexibility
  • Centralized and organized contracts and extracted over 15 million pieces of data with ongoing daily data updates