The Guide to ChatGPT Readiness for Legal Professionals

In this guide, we’ll lay out which areas of the rules of professional conduct are specifically concerning to any legal professionals who want to use ChatGPT. Read on to ensure you’re prepared to understand and manage the risks of this technology before you or your organization look to reap any benefits.

The Lean Legal Team Guide to Contract Management

In this guide lean legal teams can figure out how to navigate the contract management system procurement process, how to find a software solution that truly meets your unique needs and falls within your budget, and how to convince your boss it’s worth the investment.

Making the case for contract management

A Guide to Demonstrating Value to the Broader Business

How do you get the business on board to adopt (and embrace) a contract management solution? This guide will help you make the case and get buy-in, by speaking to the areas that matter most to each stakeholder and helping you calculate ROI specific to your business.

How to streamline contract management ebook

How to Streamline Contract Management

In this guide, we’ll discuss why enterprises should rethink the role of CLM and other contract management tools, and how to effectively integrate them into your current tech stack to greatly improve adoption, speed of deployment and time-to-value.

how to cut through the contract AI hype

Evaluating & Testing Contract AI Solutions

With so many AI-powered contract management solutions on the rise, how do businesses distinguish between what will provide value in the “real-world” and what are just empty promises? In this guide, we share behind-the-scenes industry evaluations, to help you cut through the hype and accurately assess vendors.

Quick wins in contract management ebook

5 Tips to Achieve Quick Contract Management Wins

In this eBook, explore 5 tips to help you and your organization tackle common contract management challenges. You’ll get proven best practices on how to achieve quick wins, from experts at Deloitte and Pramata.