Accessing and applying the right terms

When it comes to selling to existing customers, finding the right MSA, determining current pricing, and applying the right discounts can add weeks to a sales cycle and waste active sales time, while leaving your company exposed to over- or under-discounting. For companies with a significant percentage of revenue coming from their current customers, this can add up to millions of dollars every year


To determine which terms apply to a given quote or order, deal desk and order management teams must track down and read through dozens of documents.  

Then, they must determine if there are non-standard terms that must be negotiated out, and ensure they are correctly applying pre-negotiated pricing and active discounts. 


Move deals ahead with speed and accuracy  

Pramata’s Deal & Order Acceleration solution leverages our innovative digitization-as-a-service (DaaS) capabilities to transform all of your commercial documentation—MSAs, amendments, order forms, and more—into an always up-to-date, accurate record of pricing commitments, entitlements, and service obligations.

Non-standard terms are flagged and this information is then mapped to CPQ and CRM systems so deal desk and order management teams have access to the specific terms that apply to a given deal or order.

Our solution automatically updates the information daily and assures quality, so you can be confident that you’re quoting based on the most current terms.


Pramata Deal & Order Acceleration in Action


Deals and risk prioritized  

Which deals have pre-approved Master Agreements? Which have non-standard terms that require additional negotiation? And which deals have non-standard pricing that requires additional analysis? Evaluate your entire customer portfolio of commercial terms so you can pinpoint potential deal roadblocks and automate approvals wherever possible. 


Current terms maximized

Quickly determine if there are in-effect terms you can use to speed up deals. Leverage up-to-date commercial terms, the customer’s product footprint and current pricing to more completely inform your quoting process. Integrate current products and pricing into your CPQ and CRM systems and tie active masters to in-flight deals, so you can accelerate deal cycle time. 


Non-standard terms review  

Review a summary of the most up-to-date commercial terms for a customer before approving a quote or processing an order.  The Pramata solution flags non-standard Ts and Cs and highlights in-effect discounts so you can rapidly spot potential issues. Give your team the ability to compare pricing offered to in-effect most favored pricing guarantees. This way you can ensure compliance and speed up deals to realize revenue faster. 


Faster onboarding

Streamline the customer onboarding process and reduce time-to-order by automating the transfer of deal summaries to services and order teams. Report on recently signed deals with non-standard terms to ensure nothing falls through the cracks. 


Take steps now to accelerate sales deals
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