Sales Effectiveness Solutions:

Bolster account intelligence to your compliance, regulatory, and integration processes


It’s a highly competitive market out there, yet too many sales forces underutilize one of their most valuable assets: the information within customer contracts. Why? It’s too difficult to find, and it’s too time-consuming to look.

Customer Success

CenturyLink transforms data into intelligence; improves sales efficiency

Centralizing complete information reduced administration and increased true customer engagement, improving retention and growth.

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How prepared, informed and proactive could you be if you could quickly and confidently answer:

  • What does my customer-specific price book look like?
  • What discounts have been applied?
  • When do I need to address renewals?
  • Where do I have opportunities for additional product or service sales?
  • What was the last deal signed with this customer?
  • Where do we have negotiated terms that can help accelerate this customer’s deal cycle?

If your sales operations team can’t answer these questions on demand, they can’t communicate effectively, act strategically or engage customers proactively. Those who can are poised to thoroughly and successfully collaborate with customers in true, value-driven partnerships while realizing full revenue potential.


Pramata’s Sales Effectiveness solution suite helps sales operations teams quickly find the right answers and delivers them in an easy-to-use, actionable user experience and arms your field sales professionals with the timely, accurate, and complete data you need to be as effective as possible, all right inside your CRM.

With the Pramata Sales Effectiveness suite in place, sales operations teams embrace an unparalleled opportunity to quickly, easily and accurately access, digest and apply critical details that fuel meaningful customer interactions.

Some of the most recognizable Fortune 2000 companies partner with Pramata to optimize not only their sales effectiveness initiatives, but also their Business Performance and Contract Management efforts.

Benefits Snapshot:

  • Streamline information access and presentation for timely decision-making
  • Recover time once lost to administrative functions for reallocation to strategic uses
  • Identify and capitalize on revenue-generating opportunities
  • Accelerate deal cycles by leveraging previously effective contract terms
  • Increase the strategic, value-oriented nature of sales interactions

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  • Customer Insight

    Provide access to customer documentation and data in CRM account pages

  • Customer Specific Quoting

    Count on current, accurate pricing data from existing agreements mapped to your accounts and made available in CPQ systems

  • Renewal Manager

    Consolidate and present timely data to identify and address renewal opportunities, promoting proactive planning to address renewal needs

  • Deal Desk Manager

    Increase the speed and efficiency of the deal development process by evaluating historic deal data to discover best practices

  • White Space Analysis

    Consolidate data from distinct contracts to deliver visibility to cross-sell and upsell opportunities

“Being able to sell a solution starts with understanding the customer and what motivates them. Pramata is invaluable, providing us with good, actionable data from customer contracts.”

– Mike Sitter, Sales Effectiveness Executive, CenturyLink