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Pramata: The radically simple CLM alternative

Frustrated with your current CLM system? Looking to reduce costs?

As a legal leader or CFO, your CLM investment is of the utmost importance. But when things just aren’t working out and you’re struggling with rising costs, lack of support, and poor adoption. Or your CLM is just plain hard to use. You need a way to not only make a switch and save your investment, but also lower your costs in the process.

Get 30% off your current CLM* subscription!

Pramata has your back. We’ve helped many customers make the CLM switch—and the consensus is–CLM systems should be radically simple and actually make things easier!

Through the end of the year, we have the green light to give you the following offer:

  • 30% off of your current subscription or our list price (whichever is lower)
  • Zero subscription fees for every month left on your current CLM contract (up to 6 months)
  • 50% off our onboarding fee
  • Unlimited Users (comes standard!)

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Why switch to Pramata?

Pramata is the only CLM platform that handles the heavy lifting by combining leading AI-powered technology with a team of experts—lawyers and data scientists—all for less than the cost of an FTE.


Effortless migration included—in weeks, not months

Unlimited users for broad business adoption

Accurate renewal calculations and proactive alerts

Intuitive contract request and creation—without IT

Powerful CRM integration for sales self-service

Faster contracting process with no-code, easy-to-build workflows

Proven success—used by Fortune 500 companies for 15+ years

Flexible user permissions with enterprise-grade security

“I had zero pushback from stakeholders. Pramata was an immediate cost-saving compared to our legacy CLM vendor, with enhanced capabilities, and ease of use. The organization was fully on board.”

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Why Switch now?

You may have recently heard the CLM market described as “Chaos”. With all the recent VC investments, CLMs are becoming bloated with “demo-ware” and customers are getting hit with massive price increases. But budgets are only getting smaller.

The hard truth? Many CLMs are not delivering on their initial promises. If any of these red flags sound familiar, it may be time to say goodbye.

Your job description now includes “CLM IT Support”

You’re still missing renewals

Cost keeps going up for features you’ll never use

You still don’t have the features you really need

The “Magic AI button” that was supposed to automate everything still requires hours of manual effort

Customer support is non-existent

It’s been a year (or 2!) and all your contracts still haven’t made into the system

No one is using your CLM

Hear from our customers:

After years of trying, ICE reached contract nirvana, without having to do any of the heavy lifting of cleansing and organizing thousands of contracts.

Lytx was able to provide self-service contract visibility and access to teams across the entire organization, like client success, operations, finance and sales.

The incredible partnership and smooth implementation helped Catholic Health switch CLM systems and migrate contracts quickly and easily.

Save 30% with Pramata

Too good to be true? Worried about losing functionality? Try the Pramata Platform risk-free for 14 days, in a real, secure environment – no demoware here–and see the benefits for yourself!

*Qualifying CLM vendors only.