“3 to 5 percent of annual revenue goes down the drain every year because of revenue leakage.”

Andrew Dailey, Managing Director, MGI Research, HBR Whitepaper

Industry Solutions


Asset Management
Eliminate fee leakage and overbilling to secure existing customer value

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Ensure accurate rebate payments for current customers and new deals

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Build a data-driven foundation for
solution selling

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Capitalize on revenue from customer renewals and reduce churn

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Pramata Winter 17

“Most software products give you tools and then ask you and your teams to do all the work populating the tools with your data,” said Justin Schweisberger, Pramata’s Chief Product Officer. “Pramata is the only business application that combines the software platform, analytics and normalized customer data to make an immediate business impact and capture each revenue moment.”

The latest evolution in Pramata’s Commercial Relationship Operations (CRO) Platform



Leverage enterprise data to recover millions in existing revenue

Digitize and operationalize your most valuable commercial relationships

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