Understanding the customer relationship

Every quarter, customer renewal and expansion negotiations represent an opportunity to revisit your commercial terms and improve the economics of your customer relationships. Unfortunately, most companies overlook this key revenue event each time it presents itself. Sales managers struggle to prioritize growth and renegotiation opportunities across portfolios, while account managers don’t have advance knowledge of accurate cross-sell and negotiation terms within their own accounts.


What’s been sold? What pricing is in effect? Are there any non-standard terms? To get the answers requires tracking down the right MSAs, order forms, and amendments—reading through perhaps hundreds of pages, in order to piece together the current relationship. To do this for even one customer takes hours or days—for an entire portfolio, assembling an up-to-date view is nearly impossible. 

Not only does this waste hours of potential selling time every week, it leaves potential upsell revenue and deal profitability on the table.


Turn every upsell and renewal into a profit event

Pramata’s Account Research & Renegotiation solution leverages our innovative digitization-as-a-service (DaaS) capabilities to transform your key commercial data—available pricing increases, renewal dates, active products, customer entitlements—into an always up-to-date, accurate record of the commercial relationship.

This information is compared against a customer-specific risk model to score each term and relationship from favorable to unfavorable and let you prioritize actions both across a portfolio and within an account. Now your account teams have a summary of current commercial terms, renegotiation recommendations, and where to sell more.    

Our solution automatically updates the information daily and assures quality, so at any given point your teams have access to the right information to optimize revenue from the install base. 


Video: Stronger renewals & renegotiations

Pramata and SiriusDecisions discuss how to proactively arm your teams with the right information for more profitable customer renewals.


Pramata Account Research & Renegotiation in Action


A prioritized portfolio

Pinpoint specific opportunities to focus your teams where they can make the biggest impact. Report on upcoming contract- and product-level renewals and segment based on risk score. ID potential upsell candidates based on their current footprint. Having this advance visibility to the commercial relationship information you need lets you better prepare for and schedule account renegotiations. 


Advance relationship insight

Directly present account teams with a summary of current products, pricing, documents and commercial terms at the account level within your CRM system. Review current terms before engaging customers and prep for upcoming offers. Eliminate hunting for information and give each rep up to 15% more active selling time every week.   


Negotiation recommendations  

Prioritize specific terms for negotiation based on their impact on the company. Ensure an apples-to-apples comparison across accounts. Enable leadership to determine points of emphasis such as payment terms, service obligations and discounts, and provide sales teams with recommendations on alternative terms they can offer to the customer. 


Success tracking

Monitor your progress at improving customer economics over time. Track customer risk score by business unit, region or sales team. Review an up-to-date customer footprint analysis to ensure you are maximizing your potential revenue within accounts.  


Take steps now to get more out of renewals
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