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Finding and connecting the pieces

Every time you bill a customer, your teams need to consider more than just the price sheet. Most companies have dozens of pricing variables related to a commercial relationship that they need to consider. Things like annual price increases, cost pass-throughs, incremental service charges and tiered pricing.


In order to understand what they can and should be charging, order entry and revenue teams must track down, read through, and piece together an array of information to determine the latest commercial terms.

Without access to the current pricing and commercial terms related to a specific order or service, missed revenue and customer over-charging can add up to more than 2% annually.

When we're talking about thousands of customers and hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue, that's not pocket change.


Bill your customers confidently

Pramata’s Billing Accuracy solution leverages our innovative digitization-as-a-service (DaaS) capabilities to transform all of your commercial documentation—MSAs, amendments, order forms, and more—into an always up-to-date, accurate record of the latest pricing terms.

We then map these terms to the appropriate records in your order and billing systems, so your teams can easily understand which terms apply to which records. 

The Pramata solution automatically updates the information daily and assures quality, so you can bill your customers confidently, knowing your team has all the right pricing information at the moment they need it.  


Pramata Billing Accuracy in Action


Revenue leakage identified  

Where can we increase prices in the next 90 days? Should we be passing through costs? Are there any upcoming invoices that have more complicated pricing? With Pramata, billing teams have the commercial relationship information they need to answer these questions and anticipate priority invoicing events. You can determine if and where you can effectively increase prices, and clearly understand and act on the non-standard pricing variables that exist across your customer portfolio. 


Pre-invoicing checklist 

Pramata helps you eliminate missed customer billing opportunities by providing the most up-to-date summary of all pricing variables, commitments and contract terms. Your teams will always know where there is non-standard pricing, which services they should—and shouldn’t—be charging for, and how specific customers are performing against tiered pricing.   


A more precise invoice

Our solution connects commercial terms to billing accounts, so you know with 100% certainty you’re using the latest terms to generate every invoice. By marrying commercial terms with information from order management and billing systems, you can automatically calculate price uplift dates. And a robust API framework makes commercial terms available for use in downstream systems to simplify your billing processes.  


Ongoing success tracking

Pramata gives you a central source of truth for tracking and reporting on these revenue event outcomes. You’ll know how often and how much you’re increasing prices, and if you’ve been successful at billing the full value of your commercial terms. Monitor just how effective you are at eliminating revenue leakage and adding to your bottom line.  


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