Today’s Billing Landscape


How often do the deals you sign fail to match the expected account revenue plan? For many B2B enterprises, it’s an ongoing battle. Underbill and you could leak thousands from the account revenue plan. Settle for reactive or slow-response account management efforts and you risk of frustrating customers to the point of losing them!

Other issues that cause revenue plans to fall short?

  • Missed revenue commitments

  • Overlooked cost recoveries

  • Missed price increases

  • Excess revenue or customer churn

How are your account management and billing teams supposed to bill to the account plan and make sure to keep delivering on expectations?


Keep and Sustain Your Install Base

Make sure all the revenue and profit that is represented by the contract is captured by billing correctly to the plan. At the same time, Pramata helps you proactively engage customers to keep the profit plan and their satisfaction on track.


with pramata you can:


Achieve the Account Revenue Plan

Understand the account revenue plan as specified in the contractual documentation. Ensure all price uplifts and contemplated fees are applied, and customers meet their consumption obligations.


Respond to Inquiries and Changes

Rapidly look up customer entitlements, pricing and commitments when fielding customer requested changes and inquiries. Then make sure all fees are properly applied.


Ensure Billing Accuracy

Ensure billing teams can quickly understand what the customer should be charged contractually. Rapidly reconcile contracted vs. billed rates to identify over- or under-billings.


This is how we do it

A unique combination of our cloud-based software and precision managed services is at the core of Pramata’s automated, systematic solution, which delivers unmatched billing accuracy via four essential steps:


Commercial Relationship Baseline:

We take your contractual documentation (MSAs, orders, amendments), organize them in order of precedence, and determine the most current pricing and billing terms by product and site. We do this for each account to create an accurate commercial relationship baseline of what you should be charging.


Audit & Reconcile:

We map the actual transactions in your billing systems to the appropriate commercial relationship baseline, then reconcile this information to identify any discrepancies or opportunities.


Resolve Exceptions:

We enable your billing team to collaborate with various internal stakeholders to resolve the error(s), apply needed changes and generate an accurate, compliant bill every time. And we keep doing this every month, so you can remain confident in your compliance.


Implement Changes & Track Performance:

We allow you to track the root causes of your billing issues and monitor trends over time so you can quickly see the source of the errors. This data lets you prioritize which existing processes need to be enhanced or where new steps need to be introduced in order to new prevent future errors. 


Take steps now to keep and sustain your install base.

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