Business Performance Solutions:

Turn complex data into a simple, systematic path to greater profitability


Managing all the critical data in a customer contract is a daunting task. Marrying it to actual transaction data is another. Imagine if you could pull out all the important stuff, see everything in one place, and make perfect sense of the dizzying details.

Armed with this intelligence, your compliance team knows exactly what your obligations are, and when. Customer operations can ensure complete fulfillment. And finance can price and procure for maximum profitability—in each and every customer relationship. Untapped revenue no longer goes unnoticed.

Customer Success

Novelis ensures standardization, more informed negotiations

For the first time, the Novelis team achieved a full understanding of customer relationships and the factors that tripped revenue recognition, business risk, and compliance flags.

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But today, you’re probably still guessing on questions like:

  • Do our invoices map to contracted pricing?
  • Are we in compliance with required rebate structures?
  • Are customers meeting minimum purchase commitments?
  • Are we leveraging our supply base to drive down COGS? Could we source more strategically?
  • Are we leaving money on the table?

Pramata Business Performance solutions help you answer these questions and more with clarity, and give you the confidence to plan for and pursue your full revenue growth potential.


Your business intelligence (BI), business process management (BPM), billing and support systems are good at what they do. Yet they operate mostly in isolation. That limits their ability to produce actionable insight from complex, highly negotiated and subject-to-change customer contracts.

Pramata doesn’t replace those systems, nor is it a CRM platform. We call it customer relationship intelligence (CRI)—an innovative approach that bridges the information gaps inside your current technology infrastructure. We synthesize critical data from multiple sources and deliver a simplified, accurate view to everyone involved in the customer relationship.

Corporate leaders with an eye to true digital transformation see an investment in complete, current and accurate CRI as a huge step toward cross-departmental collaboration and significantly increased customer value. That’s why some of the most recognizable companies in telecom, pharma, enterprise software and manufacturing across the Fortune 2000 partner with Pramata to empower not only business performance efforts, but Sales Effectiveness and Contract Management as well.

Benefits Snapshot:

  • Gain global visibility into complex customer relationships
  • See the complete picture of customer purchase commitments
  • Understand the true extent of exposure to customer discounts
  • Automate invoice validation against contracted pricing, with up-to-date renewals
  • Improve customer satisfaction through internal audits of high-risk accounts

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  • Commits & Entitlement Tracker

    Track performance of trading partners against your contracts’ operational metrics

  • Fulfillment Assurance/Obligation Management

    Proactively manage operations to obligations in customer contracts

  • Customer Onboarding

    Quickly provide finance teams with complete view into new customers

  • Revenue Opportunity Manager

    Maximize revenue and profit, align opportunities based on financial terms in contracts

  • Strategic Sourcing

    Optimize effectiveness of direct spend

“Pramata helped us realize the end game when we were still at the beginning.”

– Chris Courts, Assistant General Counsel, Novelis