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Colocation Solution Overview [PDF] 

Eliminate Revenue Leakage Now [PDF]


Revenue is leaking from complex relationships


For most colocation companies, comparing commercial T's&C's to customer's current assets and usage is a complex, manual process, that leaves organizations exposed to revenue leakage across the customer lifecycle. Without complete and up-to-date commercial relationship information, your sales and billing teams fight a losing battle every day

What assets may be coming up for renewal?
How can I map assets back to the right commercial term? What pricing variables may apply to this customer?

To answer these questions today, your teams must understand which terms apply to a given product. To do this, they must track down dozens or hundreds of commercial documents—master agreements, order forms, amendments, and addendums. Then, they must read through these documents to determine the most up-to-date commercial terms, and map them back to the active customer assets.



Manually determining the most up-to-date commercial terms is highly error prone, with potential for revenue leakage in the following areas:

  • Unknown service activation dates lead to unknown renewal dates

  • Untapped cost pass-throughs and annual price increases

  • Over- or under-discounting based on active products

  • Reactive sales teams with no way to view the full picture during upsells and renegotiations


In a recent Impact Analysis for a $350 million colocation company, Pramata discovered $10 million in leaking revenue just related to missed price increases.

To stop leakage from happening during billing and sales revenue events, your teams need instant access to the most current pricing and commercial relationship terms related to a specific customer.  


More informed billing and customer renewals

Pramata’s Colocation solutions leverage our innovative digitization-as-a-service (DaaS) capabilities to transform all of your commercial documentation—MSAs, amendments, order forms, and more—into an always up-to-date, accurate record of the latest contracted terms. We then map these terms to the appropriate records in your sales and billing systems, so your teams can easily understand which terms apply to which records. 

The Pramata solution automatically updates the information daily and assures quality, so you can know your product renewal dates, maximize cost pass-throughs, bill confidently, use escalators and ramps to improve sales negotiations, and more—all while knowing your team has the right information at the moment they need it.   


Pramata for Colocation Services in Action


Stop potential leakage and jumpstart revenue 

With Pramata, colocation companies can target and eliminate widespread revenue leakage by applying accurate, actionable data at every revenue event across your portfolio. By proactively informing these regular activities—such as renewals, price increase opportunities or renegotiated SLAs—they become immediately more profitable and automatically optimized to grow customer lifetime value (LTV)..


Simplify entitlements management and billing reconciliation

Provide billing teams with a simplified single view into all active entitlements and SLA terms. Determine what percentage of customers are being over- or under-billed and take action to remedy the discrepancy.


Maximize contracted pricing variables

In this competitive market, every revenue moment counts. Gain visibility to all of your commercial contracts and terms, seeing exactly where you can apply cost pass-throughs, use escalators or ramps appropriately in sales negotiations and capture the full value of each relationship.


Improve renewal management and execution

Knowing your product renewal terms can make a huge difference in revenue assurance. Use Pramata to identify and make strategic decisions between co-termed or staggered renewals depending which is more revenue beneficial based on your own business and processes.


Boost sales process productivity

For a decentralized sales renewal process, Pramata’s single source of commercial relationship “truth” drastically simplifies and speeds up the search for the commercial relationship data your team needs to engage in upsell, cross-sell activities that directly impact LTV.


Take steps now to improve billing and renewals,
and stop revenue leakage in the next 90 days.