Video: The Secret Weapon for Reducing Churn

Pramata and SiriusDecisions discuss why a complete view of your commercial relationships helps you win the battle for recurring revenue.


An Evolving Software Industry Landscape


Enterprise software companies continue to face big changes and challenges in the industry landscape. All of this and more multiplies the complexity of your existing customer relationships, making it harder for customers to do business with you. The result? Costly churn and widespread revenue leakage that takes a huge toll on the Customer Lifetime Value (LTV) of your commercial relationships.


Why does it happen?

Your sales and finance teams are struggling to know the current state of valuable customer relationships: What’s been sold? What pricing is in effect? Are there any non-standard terms? When does this or that agreement expire?

They sift through hundreds of pages, tracking down the right MSAs, order forms and amendments, and piecing together price changes, price holds, discount terms and more. And as soon as they think they have it, the information is outdated and useless. Until now.

How can Pramata help?


With Pramata, your sales, finance and service teams have instant access to precisely what a customer owns, when it renews, and any non-standard contractual terms and commitments. This means teams can easily get out in front of profitable renewals, identify better upsell targets, and create compelling white space offers, all while handling more accounts than ever before.


Pramata goes to work within 90 days, so you can see big returns next quarter:

  • Accelerate existing customer revenue growth

  • Make your company incredibly easy to do business with

  • Reduce account and revenue churn

  • Reduce customer acquisition cost and improve sales productivity


Pramata Impact for Enterprise Software Companies


Accelerate existing customer revenue growth

  • Increase forecasted revenue and improve deal discipline by identifying and running better upsell, cross-sell and white space campaigns

  • Increase the amount of revenue per customer by correctly activating and deactivating incentives, and making sure customers are complying with software user entitlements

  • Reduce account confusion due to M&A and accelerate revenue growth by efficiently aligning acquired sales teams and related accounts


Improve customer experience and reduce account & revenue churn

  • Validate customers are using the products/services they own and avoid overbilling

  • Better educate sales reps and renewal teams on product renewal tails

  • Use all economic levers such as CPI uplift, usage restrictions, complimentary products and price holds

  • Avoid risk of SaaS customer churn and remain highly competitive


Reduce customer acquisition cost and improve sales productivity

  • Increase the number of accounts per sales rep with greater research efficiency and tight integration with your CRM system

  • Reduce existing customer deal cycle time by helping deal desk team execute a smarter and more cost-efficient quote-to-cash process


Take steps now to rapidly grow revenue in your
existing customer relationships in the next 90 days.