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Complexity is no excuse

New competitors and tighter operating margins make maximizing your existing installed base a top priority. But the complexity from M&A activities and a shifting sales force create a fragmented understanding of critical commercial relationship information.


    Pramata unifies your complex data and turns it into clean, up-to-date, actionable insights for your sales and finance teams. It’s a single commercial relationship system of record, driving more profitability and recurring revenue from your installed base. A repeatable, proactive effort to:

    >> Find and resolve widespread revenue leaks
    >> Get the full value possible from customer renewals
    >> Identify price increases and act on them appropriately


    Why Pramata for High-Tech


    Sales Effectiveness

    Upselling and cross-selling may be your sales team’s “bread and butter,” but lucrative opportunities slip away while they’re busy chasing down important relationship data like what’s been sold, what’s still in use, and what terms are in place. Pramata puts clean, complete information into sales’ hands, at the right time, to help you close high value deals, faster.


    Centralized Contract Management

    Every day, people need quick access to accurate commercial relationship documentation, but are hindered by fragmented systems, multiple BUs, and other silos. Pramata manages this complexity for you, serving as the centralized system of record where your operating teams can turn for a full understanding of customer agreements and central point of collaboration.

    Renewals Management

    Lack of basic facts like contract expiration dates, renewal terms and pricing structures information leaves your people insufficiently prepared, resulting in less than fruitful negotiations. Pramata organizes your commercial relationship data to make sure revenue-rich renewal opportunities don’t slip through


    Revenue Assurance

    Best-in-class tech companies build key levers into their contracts to ensure maximum profitability—price increase clauses, entitlement restrictions, payment terms, and service definitions. Pramata provides deep insight into entitlements and pricing levers so you can fully capitalize on revenue and profitability.