Stop leaks across the customer lifecycle

The potential for revenue leakage exists all along the customer lifecycle, and specifically at four key points of inflection. That’s why Pramata has developed specific solutions to target these areas:


Each of these events represents an opportunity for your sales, deal desk, billing, and operations teams to capture more revenue IF they have the right information. Instead, they spend countless hours piecing together the current customer relationship terms—such as products, pricing, discounts, expiration dates and commitments—that are spread across dozens or hundreds of MSAs, amendments, order forms and more.

It’s a monolithic task and makes it impossible to know what’s true right now for each customer relationship. So revenue that’s ready and waiting goes uncaptured. Until now.


Pramata does the work for you

Pramata solutions do all of this heavy lifting for you. Using your commercial documentation, mapped to key data from your billing and other core systems, we can create an intelligent view of the current state of the commercial relationships across your portfolio. Then we present this valuable info in the most useful way for your frontline billing and sales teams to act on it.

How Pramata eliminates revenue leakage for good

  • Complete, accurate and up-to-date record of the current commercial terms extracted from commercial documentation and mapped to relevant products, accounts, and actuals.
  • A secure and centrally accessible place for all of this vital information to live.
  • Tools that allow your sales and billing teams to use the information within the context of their existing processes and systems.

Video: Bridging the Gap in Your Sales Tech Stack

Pramata and SiriusDecisions discuss the solution that bridges the gaps in your CRM and CLM systems to solve the revenue leakage challenge.


Under the hood

Pramata is the only company that provides turnkey solutions to target and eliminate your widespread sources of revenue leakage. To do this, we’ve combined four critical components:



Our cloud-based application has reporting, analytics, scoring and relationship summaries designed to target specific areas of opportunity, such as identifying price increase provisions or risky service commitments. You can integrate this information into your CRM, ERP and CPQ systems to ensure your teams have the information they need when they need it.




We have 12+ years’ experience designing industry-specific solutions to eliminate revenue leakage at critical events in the customer lifecycle, such as generating an invoice, negotiating a renewal and selling to the installed base. We combine the information you need with the applications and integrations required to activate it for your teams, all configured specifically for your business.


Commercial Relationship System of Record


Our cloud-hosted software serves as a system of record and source of truth for all your commercial relationship data. It provides one centralized location for critical details on current products, pricing, commitments and key dates, along with supporting documentation organized by the commercial relationship hierarchy.




Our human-assisted AI extracts key commercial data with up to 99% accuracy and keeps it up to date. We designed our best-in-class, purpose-built technology stack—including OCR, document discovery, machine learning, and artificial intelligence—to handle unstructured text from complex/highly negotiated contracts and data sources.

Our dedicated team of data scientists, commercial experts and lawyers use this stack to configure and tune the process, while addressing inherent data quality gaps created from poor OCR document capture and complex legal language.


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