Price Increases


Grow revenue through contracted increases

What’s your process for regularly checking on negotiated terms and managing price increase opportunities as they arise?


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An automated process captures every opportunity


Most of your commercial contracts probably include negotiated terms for price increases or commitments—from CPI/annual price increases, cost-pass throughs, volume purchase commitments, pricing ramps and more. But if your billing and sales teams try to execute renewals without these key pieces of information in front of them, the leaking revenue fills up fast.

Best-in-class companies have turned this traditionally manual sales-driven effort into a ‘business as usual’ process with Pramata’s commercial relationship system of record


By gathering relevant information from across customer contracts and billing data, your teams have a clean, actionable view of pricing variable levers that allows them to:

Quickly identify the contracted terms across your customer portfolio that hold high-margin, ready-made revenue.

Make informed, appropriate price increase decisions for each commercial relationship.

Automatically apply contracted increases during renewals or other appropriate billing or revenue events.