Today’s Selling Landscape


Your sales operations team has one major goal when it comes to your install base—find opportunities for TCV uplift. Easier said than done when your commercial relationships are complicated by frequent account term changes, product and pricing updates, and more.

The result?

  • Missed upgrades

  • Missed expansions

  • Missed strategic products migrations

  • Missed renewals

  • Excess price compression

How is your sales team supposed to identify prime white space, negotiate stronger renewals and increase upside lift?


Grow your install base

Pramata unlocks the revenue growth buried within your complex B2B relationships. This provides immediate, accurate visibility your sales team needs to negotiate and speed better deals and renewals.


with pramata you can:


Find Deal Opportunities and Execute

Achieve a consolidated view of what a customer owns by bringing billing, contract and asset management data into actionable context.


Execute Customer Requested Deals

Gain immediate visibility into any customer-specific pricing that should be applied. Quickly access a specific contract for a product and customer mapped to the SFDC or other CRM account number.


Grow or Retain at Time of Renewal

Easily pinpoint accurate product end/renewal dates by aligning with the terms in the contract. Consolidate multiple customer renewals into a single product strategy to drive more effective upsell activities.


This is how we do it

A unique combination of our cloud-based software and precision managed services is at the core of Pramata’s automated, systematic solution, which delivers unmatched revenue optimization via four essential steps:


Commercial Relationship Baseline:

We take your contractual documentation (MSAs, orders, amendments), organize them in order of precedence, and determine the most current commercial terms by product and customer entity for each account.


Benchmark & Recommend:

Our solutions compare the customer’s footprint, pricing, and commercial terms against a ‘benchmark’ for similar customers, and provide sales, renewals, and deal desk teams with offer playbooks.   


Integrate Into Your Sales Ecosystem:

Embed our solutions directly into your current sales ecosystem with robust APIs for easy integration with CRM, CPQ, and CLM solutions.


Track Performance:

Finally, our solutions monitor improvements in deal quality, renewal outcomes, and customer footprint so you can identify high performing teams, and course correct under-performers. 


Take steps now to grow your install base.

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