Sales Leadership Focus

Accelerate revenue and sales growth


When existing customer value becomes critical


No one has to tell you it takes a lot of time, effort and expense to close new customer deals today. For more immediate revenue impact—and consistent, ongoing value—large B2B organizations look to untapped revenue sitting within their current customer base. Just one major, widespread problem stands in your way—revenue leakage.

Money lost when you don’t capitalize on the full value—immediate and lifetime—of your existing contracted commercial relationships—that’s revenue leakage.



    Missed price increases, over- or under-servicing customers, haphazard SLAs, and over-discounting—these are just some of the most common leaks that add up to millions lost every quarter.

    The cause?

    Most sales and finance teams lack the complete, commercial relationship information they need to capture all existing customer revenue potential. From poorly executed renewals to inaccurate billing, revenue goes untapped.

    Pramata lets you tackle revenue leakage this quarter

    Pramata creates a commercial relationship system of record, identifying and aggregating relevant data from across fragmented contracts and billing documentation, and myriad tools and systems into one source of truth.

    When your teams have timely access to continuously updated contracted relationship details, you have the advantage of actionable intelligence.


    Actionable intelligence allows you to:

    • Accelerate revenue quickly and establish the framework for long-term sales growth
    • Manage sales operating expense cost and improve profitability
    • Increase sales effectiveness for faster and more effective onboarding and stronger collaboration with other key departments