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An Evolving Telecom Industry Landscape


Telecom market competition is fierce and profit margins are showing it. Highly negotiated commercial relationships and ongoing MACD activities create important contractual changes that go unseen by your billing and sales teams. One major result? Widespread billing errors that translate into chronic under- or overbilling, and a huge hit to your profit margins—also known as revenue leakage.

Your sales ops teams also struggle—to negotiate optimal renewals and capture lucrative upsell opportunities. And if you’re losing the battle for customer and revenue retention right now, it means losing out on precious customer lifetime value later.


Spotlight on Billing Accuracy: Ensure an accurate bill every time

Billing errors create a no-win situation. Underbill and you lose out on thousands in revenue. Overbill and you run the risk of frustrating customers to the point of losing them!

It’s not your billing analysts’ fault. It’s a massive lift for someone to find, interpret and compare contracted terms and entitlements against what product or services are actually billed. Let alone reconcile the differences and determine how to permanently correct them.

That’s where Pramata comes in.

With Pramata’s Billing Accuracy solution, you can have confidence that the most up-to-date billing terms and variables are included in every bill. And that you are always billing for the right product or service at the right time and for the right amount to the right business entity.


How do we do it?

A unique combination of our cloud-based software and precision managed services is at the core of Pramata’s automated, systematic solution, which delivers unmatched Billing Accuracy via four essential steps:

  1. Commercial Relationship Baseline

  2. Audit & Reconcile

  3. Resolve Exceptions

  4. Implement Changes & Track Performance 


When it comes to MACDs,
errors can happen with any action


Move a wireless service. 

Revenue risk: Changes to account may be missed/not charged, or a fee type or quantity gets misapplied, so your billing team charges the wrong customer site.

Add a fixed line.


Revenue risk: Install fees are omitted or not charged per the contract, or the wrong service or product is record—maybe it’s never even recorded/amended in the agreement, so it’s not even billed. 

Change to accommodate new customer headcount.


Revenue risk: The commercial relationship is not amended to reflect additional purchases, so billing is inaccurate and specific pricing is not easy to find.

Disconnect a closing customer site.


Revenue risk: Service and equipment charges continue despite disconnection, or the wrong number of disconnects are logged. Again, pricing isn’t easy to find, so your billing is inaccurate. 


Video: Tired of Hearing You’re Hard to Do Business With?

Pramata and SiriusDecisions discuss why getting to know your customers inside and out can improve sales productivity and customer retention.


Pramata Impact for Telecom Companies


Billing & Finance

  • Organize contractual documentation in order of precedence and create an accurate commercial relationship baseline of what you should be charging

  • Map actual transactions in your billing systems to the baseline, then reconcile to identify any discrepancies or opportunities

  • Enable the billing team to collaborate with the various stakeholders to resolve the error(s), apply needed changes and generate an accurate, compliant bill every time


Sales Operations

  • Precise, up-to-date commercial relationship information that normally takes hours or days to piece together, now accessible in less than 3 minutes directly from within your CRM

  • Accelerate re-organization and alignment of acquired sales teams and related accounts resulting from M&A

  • Increase number of accounts each sales rep can effectively manage, so you can scale operations without adding headcount


Servicing & Compliance

  • Avoid risk of over- or under-billing customers, or over-servicing the customer with too many obligations—or obligations they did not purchase

  • Ensure your compliance with government E-Rate program/MFN (“Best Price”) provisions and easily produce on-demand pricing compliance reports as needed

  • Eliminate on-site service delays with instant access to right of entry (ROE) information within 24 hours of entering new contracts into the system


Take steps now to rapidly grow revenue in your
existing customer relationships in the next 90 days.