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An Evolving Telecom Industry Landscape


Telecom market competition is fierce and pressure is high for you to keep existing customers happy and increase revenue from them while keeping costs low. But your account reps are stretched thin, each trying to cover hundreds of customers.

There’s no time to piece together a complete understanding of commercial relationship terms and their revenue potential. So instead of executing optimal renewals, cross-sell and upsell efforts and price uplifts, you’re losing millions to revenue leakage—missed revenue numbers this quarter and unrealized customer lifetime value later.


When it comes to MACDs,
errors can happen with any action


Move a wireless service. 

Revenue risk: Changes to account may be missed/not charged, or a fee type or quantity gets misapplied, so your billing team charges the wrong customer site.

Add a fixed line.


Revenue risk: Install fees are omitted or not charged per the contract, or the wrong service or product is record—maybe it’s never even recorded/amended in the agreement, so it’s not even billed. 

Change to accommodate new customer headcount.


Revenue risk: The commercial relationship is not amended to reflect additional purchases, so billing is inaccurate and specific pricing is not easy to find.

Disconnect a closing customer site.


Revenue risk: Service and equipment charges continue despite disconnection, or the wrong number of disconnects are logged. Again, pricing isn’t easy to find, so your billing is inaccurate. 


How can Pramata help?

With Pramata, your sales, finance and service teams have instant access to precisely what a customer owns, when it renews, and any non-standard contractual terms and commitments. This means teams can easily get out in front of profitable renewals, identify better upsell targets, and create compelling white space offers, all while handling more accounts than ever before.


Pramata goes to work within 90 days, so you can see big returns next quarter:

Prioritize sales efforts: Know exactly what each customer owns, when it renews and which accounts to prioritize across your portfolio

Maximize renewals revenue: Identify unfavorable terms for renegotiation and secure better margins and overall deal economics

Reduce customer churn: Ensure accurate billing, compliance and timely service with a complete, up-to-date commercial relationship view


Pramata Impact for Telecom Companies


Sales Operations

  • Precise, up-to-date commercial relationship information that normally takes hours or days to piece together, now accessible in less than 3 minutes directly from within your CRM

  • Accelerate re-organization and alignment of acquired sales teams and related accounts resulting from M&A

  • Increase number of accounts each sales rep can effectively manage, so you can scale operations without adding headcount


Billing & Finance

  • One-click access to a negotiation ‘playbook’ to help you focus on the best renewal opportunities and maximize monthly recurring revenue (MRC) by customer and by site

  • Use all economic levers such as CPI uplift, usage restrictions, complimentary products and price holds to slow the decay of maintenance revenue and preserve recurring revenue 

  • Establish better deal economics with each move, add, change or disconnection (MACD) of services


Servicing & Compliance

  • Avoid risk of over- or under-billing customers, or over-servicing the customer with too many obligations—or obligations they did not purchase

  • Ensure your compliance with government E-Rate program/MFN (“Best Price”) provisions and easily produce on-demand pricing compliance reports as needed

  • Eliminate on-site service delays with instant access to right of entry (ROE) information within 24 hours of entering new contracts into the system


Take steps now to rapidly grow revenue in your
existing customer relationships in the next 90 days.