An Evolving Telecom Industry Landscape


Telecom market competition is fierce and profit margins are showing it. Highly negotiated commercial relationships and ongoing MACD activities create important contractual changes that go unseen by your billing and sales teams. One major result? Widespread billing errors that translate into chronic under- or overbilling, and a huge hit to your profit margins—also known as revenue leakage.

Your sales ops teams also struggle—to negotiate optimal renewals and capture lucrative upsell opportunities. And if you’re losing the battle for customer and revenue retention right now, it means losing out on precious customer lifetime value later.


Keep, Sustain and Grow Your Install Base

Maximize every revenue moment

Every time you sign a new deal, there is a customer lifetime value (LTV) expectation tied to that relationship. Your goal is to meet the account revenue plan by ensuring accurate billing and responding effectively to change requests (MACDs). You also want to beat the plan by increasing upside lift with strategic upsells and optimized renewals. 

Pramata helps hundreds of people across your organization make the right decisions at these critical revenue moments that directly impact LTV.


Meet the Account Revenue Plan

Ensure a greater achievement of your expected revenue plans from the install base, reduce revenue and account churn, and reduce over- and under-billings.


Find Opportunities for Uplift

Get the most uplift possible out of renewals by knowing when things renew, prioritizing the right deals, and identifying prime whitespace to maximize the offer. 

How do we do it?

The Commercial Relationship Baseline

With Pramata, you will always know the most current terms of your commercial relationships—down to the site and product level. Only Pramata can create and maintain a Commercial Relationship Baseline related to each of your customers with ongoing precision.

The Baseline is the essential foundation for improving install base selling and achieving account revenue plans. With it, your teams will make decisions and take action based on what is true right now for each customer relationship.


Video: Tired of Hearing You’re Hard to Do Business With?

Pramata and SiriusDecisions discuss why getting to know your customers inside and out can improve sales productivity and customer retention.



Pramata Solutions for Telecommunications


Renewal Effectiveness

Determine when contracts renew – Receive alerts of upcoming renewals and review a report of upcoming renewals and off-contract revenue based on the calculated product and contract renewal dates, auto-renew status, and notification period.

Prioritize renewals to work on – Review a dashboard of upcoming renewals prioritized based on revenue size, retention risk, upside opportunity and/or ability to improve economic position.

Identify new revenue potential – Review a whitespace map of the customer’s current contracted product footprint, where to negotiate strategic product migrations, and opportunities to sell complementary products.    

Renegotiate to a better economic position – Compare the negotiated Ts & Cs and pricing to similar customers/standards. Review a playbook with recommended negotiation levers, such as lengthening contract terms, shortening payment terms, improving discounting, eliminating unfavorable terms, or moving the customer.


Telecom Best Practices Series

Make Every Renewal count

Some Telecommunications enterprises continue to settle for “status quo” renewals. Are you one of them? Check out our Telecom Best Practices blog series for the 6 critical steps required to get every drop of TCV.


Account Revenue Plan Achievement

Capture all assessable incremental fees – Receive proactive notice and easily view a list of all incremental fees for a given customer and specific products, including cost pass-throughs, early termination fees, late payment penalties, and reactivation. 

Ensure customers consume the agreed to minimums – Review and automatically compare the actual revenue performance against current minimum revenue commitments and flag under-performance for review. 

Strategically apply price escalators where allowed – A dashboard shows products with price increases, escalators or ramps, and increase trigger dates and conditions—automatic alerts let you know when triggers are met.

Detect and prevent customer/deal terminations – Receive risk alerts and quickly review a dashboard of customers/revenue at risk for termination—know whether they have off-contract products, can terminate for convenience or without fees, are underperforming against their expected consumption, or relying on outdated legacy products.

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Solving Billing Errors Starts with Account Management

Avoid MACD-induced billing errors and lost revenue. Telecom leaders take note—learn how to achieve the account revenue plan and maintain billing accuracy with every invoice.


Billing Accuracy

Prioritize accounts for billing review - Review a dashboard of high priority accounts for audit based on the customer’s spend, whether they own products with a higher likelihood of errors, have upcoming renewals or recent moves, adds or changes. 

Determine the correct price – Review a list of the products a customer owns at each site and the specific price and discounts based on the in-effect contractual documentation. Compare that contractual pricing with volumes consumed to determine the correct price.

Reconcile the correct price with billing history - Map each billing transaction back to the prevailing contractual documentation and terms. Automate the reconciliation of those two data points and identify deviations. 

Review potential misbillings and assess root cause - Review a list of MRC discrepancies across and within customer accounts, and drill down to compare the specific billing and contract information to determine the root cause of the issue.

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