When it comes to capturing customer lifetime value (LTV), what you don’t know can absolutely hurt you.

Hundreds of people across your organization are making critical decisions without an understanding of your commercial relationships. That means millions in revenue may be lost—on inaccurate bills, missed price uplifts, weak sales offers, slow deal approvals and poorly executed renewals.

Without a Commercial Relationship Baseline, billing errors lead to widespread revenue leakage, and deal and renewal delays fail to optimize the full revenue potential of your installed base.


What is the Commercial Relationship Baseline?

The Commercial Relationship Baseline is the essential foundation in eliminating revenue leakage and driving revenue optimization. Relationships are constantly changing, with new customer orders or renewals, amended contract or pricing terms, or even account changes stemming from a company acquisition. Organizing and prioritizing this information, presenting it usefully to front-line teams, and keeping it fresh can seem impossible.


Pramata gives you the “impossible”

Only Pramata can create and maintain the Baseline related to each of your customers with ongoing precision. Our solutions are updated daily as new transactions, account changes and product changes take place, so your teams are making decisions based on what is true right now for each of your customer relationships.  


With the Baseline you will always know for each customer:

Products, Services & Pricing
Key Dates
Commercial Terms
Related Entities

This is how we do it

Pramata creates and maintains the Commercial Relationship Baseline with our unique purpose built AI-technology stack deployed by a managed services team of data scientists, commercial experts and attorneys. It works like this:


Pramata’s solutions take in the entire history of customer relationships (MSAs, orders, contract amendments, SOWs and more), remove duplicates, split files, identify missing documents, and convert into an OCR format


Organize the changes, amendments and other actions in a logical hierarchy to determine the order of precedence, and extracts the most up-to-date information


Identify and normalize nomenclature and language inconsistencies across the commercial relationship documentation into a common interpretation and format.


Transform contractual information into a commercial baseline by mapping products to commercial terms, related entities and pricing.


Organize the information into a hierarchy of customers, entities, products and services owned, and product and service level pricing, operational, and legal terms.


The Baseline is then mapped to the actual transactions within your billing system to help you stop losing revenue to billing errors. Or mapped to your sales CRM to identify whitespace opportunities, accelerate deals and improve renewal strategies.

Sound too good to be true? Let us show you!


Solve both sides of the Revenue challenge



Eliminate any deviations from the baseline and stop chronic under- and overbilling. Ensure every customer bill reflects the contracted terms and pricing.



Maintain and improve the baseline, and grow revenue by applying the right terms at the right time. Identify prime white space, negotiate stronger renewals and accelerate profitable deals.