“Pramata will be transformational for Vertafore to be able to quickly locate our customer agreements, understand the risk and covenants we have assumed associated with that overall relationship, as well as understanding the various products (from a legal standpoint) the customer is licensing from Vertafore.  Using the Pramata suite of products will save us a significant amount of time having this information centralized, reportable, and will allow us to create company-wide efficiencies.”

Jayne Rothman, Senior Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary, Vertafore

Focused Delivery


Our only objective is your success.

On paper, Pramata customers buy a solution. But what they get in return is a distinct combination of expertise, support and capabilities that transforms their contract and system data into actionable, continuous insights.

Working shoulder-to-shoulder with customers, we ensure from the outset that your solution is designed to work the way your organization needs to work—effectively marrying proven best practices with your unique business environment and process nuances. And taking the time to proactively assess your ROI potential, so the solution we build together reaps big benefits now and in the future.


“Gaining a unified view of complex customer agreements is a monumental challenge for any large organization today. Pramata provided FICO with a clear understanding of customer intelligence that enabled us to streamline business processes throughout our organization. We were also able to identify $2.5M in revenue opportunities in the first year–largely due to Pramata’s approach–which includes normalizing customer relationship data internally and externally to improve decision making and effectiveness company-wide.”

 Tom Carretta, Vice President, Legal and Associate General Counsel, FICO



Everyone says it ... here's how Pramata does it. 

Like a lot of solution vendors, we could talk all day long about the importance of collaboration for successful customer engagement. So instead, we’re going to let one of our excellent customers do the talking:

“It was clear there was a real commitment to understanding and hitting our business objectives. That’s been a differentiator here. Pramata sought to not just do what we told (them) to do but to understand what we’re trying to do and why. Then rather than (us) just dictating when we say “how,” (they) make it more of a collaborative conversation and really bring a lot more value to what we’re able to achieve.”


Continuous Engagement


Our solution (and value) evolves as you do.

A smooth implementation sets the stage for long-term value—even when that value doesn’t exist yet. Pramata’s customer success team maintains regular contact with you to not only ensure optimal performance of the existing solution, but also to identify any business changes and explore how Pramata can help you evolve to meet new opportunities and challenges.

We call these regular interactions Success Reviews, a collaborative process to bridge any gaps in the current solution or target untapped high value areas in your customer relationships to help you realize the greatest value possible from our solution.



“Pramata customer success isn’t just checking the box; we care about our customers and we want them to succeed. When we help our customers uncover new value, we get excited.”

Anjana Amarnath, Sr. Engagement Manager, Pramata



If you start us up, we'll never stop.

It’s very easy to get started with Pramata and most of our customers start seeing an impact in as quickly as 30 days with a short learning curve. We do this by swiftly identifying your most impactful set of customer relationships, digitizing the data quickly and getting your sales, finance and legal teams ready access in the context they need it.

But this isn’t a one-and-done interaction. Our strong partnership continues even after your Pramata solution is up and running. Powered by your close collaboration and knowledge, we’ll do the heavy lifting in connecting all the complex dots. Very quickly, we know your contract and system data better than you do—and that’s a good thing. Because that leaves your team more time to focus fully on growing and retaining your most valuable customer relationships.

We’re all about immediate and sustained gratification for our customers. It’s true, discovering and illuminating uncharted value for our customers is what gets us excited. So we approach every engagement with a sense of urgency, focus and gusto!



Dive into a few of our customer successes


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